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DW Documentary The Healing Power of Music

Music affects all levels of the human brain and directly affects our emotions. Music shapes us in the womb, touches us deeply, and can even drive us to perform at our peak. And it can help us to live healthier and happier lives.

WXXI Backstage Pass

Hosted by Julia Figueras, ROCmusic students and teachers perform a variety of music and talk about ROCmusic Collaborative. This interview is with Bridget Kinneary and colleague Robert.

Web Series The Artist's Voice

In this episode, conductor Bridget is talking about the online Arts & Change conference where she will be a speaker. This is a wonderful initiative from the University of Rochester Institute for the Performing Arts covering the important topics of diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, and the role of the arts to bring change, not just by performing but also by how it is being taught.

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